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Barcelona still have players who failed to register
According to well-known team reporter Romero reported that Barcelona has still not completed the registration of all first-team players, and the future of three players such as Fathi is still unclear.
[Image: vfm-thumb.php?thumb=dXBsb2Fkcy9sdnpob25n...kuanBn&y=1]
According to the report, before the closure of the summer window, Barcelona still need to seize the time to complete the transfer task and registration task, at present, Inigo Martinez and Alonso two players are still unregistered state, of which Alonso has received the olive branch from the Premier League.

Barcelona may be forced to give up several young talents in their squad in order to clear salary space and reach their financial goals. Junior Abboud has won the recognition of Xavi, also become a member of the first team, but he has attracted the attention of the Serie A clubs, is expected to bring back to Barcelona more than 20 million euros in transfer fees, and therefore may be on the shelves by Barcelona.

In addition, Fathi is also likely to bid farewell to the Camp Nou this summer, although Harvey and the management have both said that Fathi is still an important member of Barcelona, but both have not completely ruled out the possibility of Fathi leaving the team.

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